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HowTo: Install Custom firmware on PSP Slim & Lite

NOTE: This method will work only on PSP-1000 & PSP-2000 series till TA-88V1 Motherboards.

This method WILL NOT WORK on PSP-2000 with TA-88V3 Mother boards and new PSP-3000 series. So kindly check this before buying or making the pandora battery.

Below is a small tutorial on How-To install a Custom firmware on PSP Slim & Lite. This tutorial will explain how to install Custom Firmware 3.80 M33-5 from any original version


1. PSP Slim & Lite (There are talks that new PSP Slim & Lite with TA-88 Motherboard which does not support Pandora Battery!)

2. Pandora Battery

3. Magic Memory Stick

Pandora Battery: This baterry is nothing but a modified Original Slim or Phat battery in your PSP. The Pandora Battery enables the PSP to enter into Service mode.

There are lots of videos available on YouTube on how to do this. But please do it carefully as there are chances that if you miss something the battery would be unusable.

Best bet would be buying this already made pandora battery in some website. I got it through “

Magic Memory Stick: Some special files in a given folder structure in a memory stick makes our memory stick as a magic memory stick

Step1: Download this file DCv4-TM

Step2: If you have a card reader, insert your Memory Stick pro duo into that and connect it to your PC. IF you dont have one, connect your PSP in USB mode. Use memory stick of size <4GB

Please take backup of your memory stick as the next ste would FORMAT your memory stick

Step3: Extract the downloaded files to “desktop” or “C:\temp” and run the “Install DCv4.bat”

Step4: follow the instructions and your Magic memory stick is reday!

Step5: Assumption here is you either have a Pandory battery made or purchased. Remove your existing normal battery from PSP.

Step5.1: Before you install the custom firmware, take the backup of your PSP NAND. This is part of the pandora menu. This is most important just in case if you brick your psp, it would be easy to recover all the functionalties.

Step6: Insert the magic memory stick first. Then insert the pandora battery in your PSP. Then press the UP arrow key on the D Pad on psp and then press the power button. This should bring the recovery menu in your PSP.

Step7: Follow the instructions. After the installation is compelet, press X to reboot. if you dont there are high chances of bricking your PSP.

Step8: Now you have custom firmware v3.80 M33-5 installed on your PSP

This tutorial is only for PSP Slim & Lite and not for PSP Phat (Old models). This might work on PSP Phat but no guarantees.

Notice: I shall not be responsible if you brick your PSP or any damages caused to your PSP. Whatever you do, do it carefully. Read more than once to understand the process. Leave your comments if you need more assistance.



14 thoughts on “HowTo: Install Custom firmware on PSP Slim & Lite

  1. O cool a PSP now i can do all that live-stream shit i wanted. Ok so according to this tutorial i just install this

    software…ok now i configure the PC…WTF the program wont run in my PSP what a rip off.
    Ok ill try an ez emulator port…WTF it wont run either. Ok um, meaby a movie, FINE no movies then!.

    OH!, so there are different “versions” of this so called bios thingy for the psp, no prob! ill just “downgrade”.

    Ok this is BS, I need a pandora battery? just for a downgrade?, this better be worth it:
    Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:40 PM

    Subject order XXXX from Pandora Battery Sales Show full header

    This email is to confirm the receipt of your recent order from

    Via Priority Mail
    A package was shipped to you on 09/20/2008 via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, Flat Rate Env to the following address:

    Thank you again for your order from

    Please enter your feedback in our Customer’s Feedback section. It can be found at our homepage on

    The following items have been shipped to:

    WOOOOOOOOOOt!, finally got the pandora battery Today, hmmm interesting, hmm ok so i just press the button once and its a

    “normal” battery, press it for 8 seconds and its “pandorized”, them geeks huh?.

    Ok full charge let me just unplug this thing…OMFG no F’ing way the psp turned of … WTF it says full charge. Wait Wait,I

    know! Ill email JJ for some pointers:
    hey man , im JJ …….. i made the pandoras battery video. i dont own ……. i put their link in

    my video to let people know where i bought my PB and Magic memory card. I am sure if there is a problem with the product

    then the owner (Ben) will make things right with you…………… he’s a good guy and he knows his stuff he makes

    these pandoras batteries and magic memory cards and human error is very possible so email him and tell him what the problem

    is and i am sure that he will help you………….. he’s an honest guy………
    now if the PB and magic memory card works fine then lets do a couple of things and see if we can get your psp hacked……..

    1) take out your mem cards and batteries………..
    2) insert magic memory card
    3) insert Pandoras battery
    4) does your psp turn on???????? it should power up automaticly
    5) (BLA BLA BLA you know the drill, basically he condensed the video into this 5 steps)

    alright , give me a shout and let me know if this was the problem and solution for you……… if you are sure you have a

    faulty product then contact pandorasales and they will help you………………. good luck JJ

    WOW dude nobody is actually SAYING you own buy hey, i appreciate the fast feedback but um…well no good, that

    blue led bastard STILL wont charge. Ok time to email “The Man””:


    > Hi i bought the LED Pandora Battery Pack (1800 mAh) a few days ago and i
    > just recieved it from USPS yesterday, i left it charging all night and
    > today i actually find out that it didnt charge What-so-ever, not even
    > 15%.
    > I followed the instructions to the letter, and even followed the youtube
    > video tutorial, nothing worked.
    > The battery indicates fullcharge after pressing the button once on the
    > back, but it wont turn on the PSP automaticly like instructed AFTER i
    > put it on Pandora mode.
    > I also tried puting the original battery, charging it, Swaping the
    > original with the LED pandora one in pandora mode and in Battery pack
    > mode with the PSP turned on, but after a few minutes the PSP turns off
    > and it wont charge.
    > Am I doing something wrong? or…
    > I would like to know how to return it if you can’t help me with this
    > problem.
    > I have visited other forums, and a lot of people say it migh be a fake
    > one.
    > SO please reply ASAP.


    Does the battery LED lights stop blinking or does the PSP turn off after
    a few seconds? If the PSP turns off then there is a problem with the
    memory stick. We can help you out with either, but we need to know
    which one has the problem.


    No the LED lights don’t stop blinking, The PSP does Turn off after a few
    The Problem i have is that i put the battery in normal mode, and the
    battery indicates full charge but the PSP wont power up even whitout the
    memory stick. So, I think the problem is with the battery because the
    PSP does read the memory stick and when I try to install the downgrade
    software it gives me the ” Battery needs to be at 78% charge” error.
    Also, when i go to Battery information in the PSP it only displays
    External Power, and it doesn’t give out proper readings in the battery
    charge, as if it had no battery at all.

    Should i send back both?


    Please send both back, we will be sure both are working when they are returned.

    Thank you for your patience.


    > Hi again, I’m writing to check you guys received the defective Battery I
    > purchased a while ago.
    > The order is xxxx.
    > Since I never got a reply again.
    > Thank you.


    We have not received it yet. It looks like you mailed it yesterday. We
    will email you when we ship your new package.

    Thank you,


    Just to confirm it was delivered 09-24-08.

    Are any huracanes afecting deliveries in Florida? (lol, yes i actually said that)

    Today would be the third day of delivery and still nothing which i find
    very odd.


    check your email. We have responed 3 times
    Sunday Septemper 28th… i check the email that reads:

    A package was shipped to you on 09/28/2008 via U.S. Postal Service First-Class to the following address:


    I know what you’re thinking BUT HEY its my friggin money PLUS i had to pay for the stupid delivery back to them.

    Hopefully they got it right this time.

    I havent received it yet, they didn’t shipped Express which is BS.

    Am I going to recommend them?

    Hmm. tuff one, I’m not even sure if that blue led bastard is going to work.

    If it does, i might give it a positive.

    If it doesn’t, I’ll hotwire the battery with enuff plutonium to nuke this bastards 3 times before they even know what hit em

    ahahaaaaaa…just kidding.

    They did answer me quick enough, and they where never rude to me, except for the “responded 3 times” crap, Dammit! reply 10 if you must!.

    But anyway, if it doesnt work, hmm, I dunno.


  2. what is your PSP Model number? This is what you should do:
    1. Insert the memory stick first
    2. keep pressing the up arrow key on the D Pad and then insert the pandora. Noramlly it takes around 10-20 seconds to load.

  3. I’m gettin a new psp (slim) this Christmas, with every intention of installing custom firmware on it. I’ve already ordered the PB from DX like you said but i’m a bit worried about the motherboard. ofcouurse i can return my psp to exchange it for ann older type (but new) one, but still.. what are the chances of it not working?

    Thanks alot for the simple tut, took me a while to find one. If this works i’lll donate a a small ammount to you, assuming you have PayPal =]

    Regards, Ziao

  4. I got a new psp a few days ago and i wanted to install custom firmware.
    So im like its going to be okay i’ve done this before but the green light shows up but not anything else. I have installed custom firmware on other psp’s but i started looking at some things about the motherboard. And then i think its because of the motherboard. What can i can now if i cant install custom firmware on this psp.

  5. I just thought I’d give a warning to those looking to buy a magic memory stick:

    DO NOT buy from Pandora Sales. I ordered the 4 gb magic memory stick, and they sent me a fake card. If you bought from them, test the Magic Gate – if the psp says “unknown” rather than “supported,” it’s FAKE!

    So they said they’d exchange it. It was a big hassle because I live overseas. And they didn’t even refund my shipping to send it back.

    So about two weeks after they receive the fake card, I get my new card in the mail. And it’s real!! However, all of the files on the card are corrupted – making it useless for putting CFW on my PSP. I ended up reformatting and making my own MMS via Rain’s memory stick maker. Here’s some advice – it’s much easier and a lot quicker to just do it yourself. Don’t get scammed by Pandora Sales!

  6. Hey guys,

    I found a great deal on for 2gb 4gb 8gb and 16gb memory sticks.

    I purchased one 2-3 days back and already received it so the deal seems sound. I am bargain hunter and I
    looked all over ebay, amazon,, etc. but this was the cheapest I found so thought I’d share with
    everyone as my first post on this forum ever.

    Hope it helps! Give me some reps!

    Looking to be a contributing member here!


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    a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?

    Many thanks!

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