How to play ISO/CSO in PSP

Once you install the custom firmware on your PSP, you wont be able to play the games from backup ISO/CSO files. This needs to be enabled in the M33 menu.  To do this peformt the following:

1. Click on the ‘Select’ button for 2 seconds. A translucent menu would appear. This is called the “VSH Menu”

2. Navigate to ‘UMD DEVICE’ and select “Memory Stick”

3. Navigate to ‘UMD ISO MODE’ and select SONY NP9660 or M33 Driver

4. Exit then menu

Now you should be able to play games from ISO/CSO files

Thisworks only on PSP’s which are installed with M33 custom firmwares


42 thoughts on “How to play ISO/CSO in PSP




  2. Hi Karthik,

    I am avinash i have a PSP “FAT” i updated with Firmware V.5, but i am unable to update custom firmware to play ISO, CSO GAMES, plz help me……

  3. Hello, I have a psp with 4.5 version firmware and I want to put games on it. I can’t and google isn’t helping. I’ve tried devhook and umd umululator as well. I think I need to downgrade it, but how? The pandora battery thing is long processed one and I don’t want to try it. Is there anything to try?

  4. help it really make me sob……….recently i unrealize upgrading my version to 5.01…….after that the before game cant play already ……..please teach me how to downgrading to version 1.5 or and version which compatible to play all website downloading game…….tank you very much appreciate .please write the downgrading step to my email.. ur reply help is aspiration.. appreciate

  5. a trust me you shoul try the pandora battery thing

    i did that thing and now i am running psp V5.02gen
    except that whatever you do first buy an extra battery

    because i still use the pandora battery as my charging battery and i dont have an extra battery

    But i got to say it was all worth making the pzndora battery

  6. psp plays only iso games and cant play cso and others…can anybody help me and tell me the setting?thank you..

  7. uhh
    i bought a psp yesterday, and i was playing it, all of a sudden it’s not working anymore.
    It’s a psp 3000, version 5.03
    It had this thing called ChickeN server that let it work, and now i think it’s gone
    i still have the games, it’s just not visible
    please please help me.

  8. hey i hav a psp slim 5.00m33-6 and did what u said but still doesnt work it sya The game could not be started” wut do i do?

  9. What you should do is go to the recovery menu by pressing select and makes sure that you selecte Sony OR M33 drivers.
    Post back if you are not able to do this

  10. my god.. i feel like a total fool. i got the latest cfw for my slim. and i have it tottally boxed off lol, i have all my emulators and everything haha, the only thing that wouldnt work was the fucking umd/iso games. *hats off to you* you made my problem.. go away lmao. fuck the fast loading shit

  11. I have the firmware v.5.00 and the thing with select does not warking.What else i can do so i can play the cso games from memory stick?

  12. I will Teach you how to put ISO/CSO games on you psp That has
    CFW 5.50 Gen-d3 or D2,D You can Play Games made Before September

    1.Turn on your psp and put it in usb mode.

    2.Put your ISO/CSO games in the ISO folder on your psp
    if you dont have one create one named ISO in all caps
    the folder named ISO should be in the first spot when you get
    to usb mode.

    3.Once you have put your ISO/CSO games on the ISO folder on the
    Root of you memery stick exit usb mode if you dont have VSH menu
    Installed then download it, once you have downloaded it and installed it press select butten on your psp and put the ISO mode
    to M33-No UMD then put the game Kernal to 1.50 Kernal.

    4.Go to your Game Menu on your psp and select the game you
    whant to play “NOTE” put a game in your psp to play the games.

  13. I hav a psp slim version 5.7 , could you please let me know the steps how downloead the games from PC Cd to PSP. and I have a new momery stik.

  14. @khalid unless u install customized firmware, its not possible to rip the games in your PSP. Check my other posts for more information

  15. Did you enable ISO driver as M33 from menu? (Keep pressing select)

    If its new game then you might need new firmware. Look for Prometheus for PSP in google

  16. I hav a psp slim version 5.7 , could you please let me know the steps how downloead the games from PC Cd to PSP. and I have a new momery stik.

    me thinks no can put pc games from cd’s onto psp…. it needs to be psp games!

    but the question of the day is how to back up your own umd’s to iso format?

  17. can someone that knows alot about putting emulators and iso’s and everything else that has to do with a cfw psp can someone please email me i need help getting games on my psp and getting programs to work

  18. hello..i have psp 3004 version 5.7. i would like to ask how to copy games on my memory stick? i tried to copy but CORRUPTED FILE appears.

  19. That theme looks awesome. Do you know where I might find it, or what it’s called?

    Thanks much in advance!

  20. hello i got a problem, i have psp 3003 it can play iso game before on 6.20 PRO B6 but i tried to play yugioh gx tag force 2 and it hang so i take out the battery. and reinstall CFW 6.20 PRO B6 and tried to play yugioh 5ds tag force 5 but my psp turn off( it can be played before) and other game like dissidia still working. how can i fix this?

  21. im haveing trouble with playing monster hunter freedom unite. i have a 3000 with cfw 6.39pro_b9, its installed right but it gives me an error code when i use it in eboot, or corrptsion in ISO. my friend downloaded off his go so does that have anything to do with it.

  22. Can sum1 plz help me, I have a psp slim 3004PB…firmware 6.35 pro-b, when I load the iso my screen goes blank and it returns to the main menu…what did I do wrong? Well besides hacking “my” psp…please help

  23. I have a psp version 6.6 .In my psp pes 11 ans winning eleven 2010 are not working and also fifa 11 Gets stuck just before the match is started.
    can anyone help me to get rid of this problem?????

  24. Followed it all well. I could play iso files fine but when i try to open a cso file, it only gets stucked on a loading screen. I found this problem to be common but couldnt find a solution. Is this because of tempar/cwcheats? or is this a corrupted file? Any help will be very appreciated

  25. hello i have a psp street and i updated the version to 6.60 then i tried pressing the select button and nothing happened.please help me

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