How to capture screenshots in PSP

This is a small tutorial on how to take screenshots from PSP

Requirements: PSP Slim/phat(should work with Phat as well) with cfw 3.71 M33 installed

1. Download the screencapture plugin

2. Extract the files to a folder in desktop

3. Copt the SEPLUGINS folder on to your memory stick roor (ms0:/seplugins)

4. If you already have a Do NOT overwrite the game.txt instead enter the contentes manually in your game.txt under seplugins folder

5. Now shutdown your PSPS. Enter into recovery console. Recovery console could be entered by pressing the ‘R’  key + Power button

6. In the reovery console, navigate to “Plugins” option and then enable the plugin . There are 3 options. You could enable the plugin to take screenshots of:

    a. Games

   b. VSH (XMB Menus)

   c. POPS (PS1 emulator for PSP)

7. After enabling the plugin, exit the recovery console and restart the PSP.

8. To take screenshots, press the “Note” button on the PSP

All screenshots are in BMP format


Note: The credit should goto the author of this plugin.


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