How to install PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33-2 using DCV7

Small write up on how to install custom firmware using DCV7

for Pre-requisites please check my earlier post

1. Download DCv7 and Sony original 401 firmware

2. Extract the rar file and transfer the DC7 folder into /PSP/GAME folder on to your memory stick

3. copy the downloaded 401.PBP in to your memory stick root

4. Take a back up of your memory stick

5. On your PSP goto game and select Despertar del Cementerio v7.7

6. Follow the steps. Once the installation is complete press X

7. Insert the pandora battery on to your memory stick and press the key combination which you selected during installation of DC7

8. The Recovery console appears. You can install or test 4.01 M33 2


Official readme:

– A format flash function has been added which is usefull to correct problems in some psp that get an error when installing 4.01 M33, or to have a custom partitioning of the flash.

– An id storage tools function has been added. It allows to create a new id storage (including for first time, the regeneration of region and umd keys), change region (including umd region), or fix wlan mac address.


Best part of this release is you can restore idstorage at least 90% which is really cool for bricked PSP’s

Enjoy! and do this at your own risk πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “How to install PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33-2 using DCV7

  1. Need help from D’master
    my PSP slim couldn’t boot up, indicator led power on for several seconds, after that totally off.
    I tried to :
    – log in to recovery mode by press R as usually, but not worked.
    – unplug battery and turn on PSP using charger (include log in to recovery mode), still not worked (same like if baterry is plug in)
    This is happened after:
    – I changed themes by flash0, my mistake was delete all data in resource and module in .vsh folder and I paste the new one (new themes).
    – my PSP already upgrade cwf 4.01.
    please need ur help to repair my PSP
    ps: please kindly answer it, directly to my email

  2. Looks like you could have bricked your PSP. i guess you might need the magic memory stick and Pandora battery. Take a backup of your PSP flash0. also you need the Flash0 files from someone. I will suggest you to look into for more useful tips

    But first check if your PSP can book from AC power. Remove the battery. Plug in the AC power adapter and try to start the PSP Slim.

    Post back if you need any more help

    More useful links:

    Flash0 files for Slim:

  3. please i deleted my module and resource folders and my psp wont turn on and i tried using pandora memory stick and battery and it’s still wont read memory card to downgrade please help what should i do

  4. what a liar you need a computer to install custom firmware all you get is when you start it up is an error saying (game corrupted) (cannot start game) i got that so many times in my quest to install custom firmware it’s a long journey to install this thing so i’am gonna continue i was looking for tut’s i learned so much on them you need magic stick pandoras battery a psp a computer thats it i’am leaving continuing my journey thnx for the tut though ahaha dont work srry =)

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