How-To: Rip UMD Discs in PSP

Just a short guide on how to rip UMD Games (not Videos) in PSP.


1. PSP Slim/Phat with cusorm firmwares installed

2. UMDumper 0.3.0D (by

3. An UMD Game disc (Ofcourse 🙂 )

4. Memory stick (pref. at least 2GB Free space based on games)


1. Insert the UMD to PSP

2. Open UMDumper

2. Follow the instructions Rename the file if you want. (Ensure no spaces is not there in file name)

3. Then there is possibility to dump as ISO or CSO. CSO is a compressed version of ISO (basically used for space saving). If CSO better would be CSO with compression level 5

4. After making the selection then start dumping.

Note: More the CSO compression more the time for ripping

Tip: To navigate in UMDumper use the right and left on “D” pad.

Alternate way: Start your PSP in recovery mode, connec to USB, insert the disc and then Copy the game to a folder and use UMDGen to rebuild the ISO file.


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