What is a Pandora battery

Wondering what a Pandora battery for a PSP is for? Read on more.

Team C+D released the “Pandora’s Battery” which was the Prometheus Project everyone was waiting for. It converted a spare Memory Stick Pro Duo and battery into a “Magic Memory Stick” and “JigKick Battery”. Some people mistake Pandora’s Battery for the JigKick Battery, but Pandora’s Battery is both the Magic Memory Stick and the JigKick Battery. The Memory Stick and battery can then be used to downgrade any PSP of any version or to recover from a brick. A battery can be converted to JigKick via hardware or software methods (see below). To convert the Memory Stick, a PSP with custom firmware or a PC (with Memory Stick reader, or PSP connected via USB) can be used in conjunction with a Pandora’s Battery program, such Pandora Easy GUI. After the downgrade/unbrick service has been completed, the Memory Stick and battery can be restored for normal usage.

This is a battery with its serial changed to 0xFFFFFFFF. When a PSP battery serial number is changed to 0xFFFFFFFF, or unreadable, the PSP boots the IPL from sector 16 on the physical drive (the Magic Memory Stick). This unlocks the service mode of the PSP and launches the IPL from the Memory Stick (instead of from flash0). A regular battery can be made into a JigKick via hardware or software methods.

A JigKick battery can be Hard-modded by opening it up and either cutting a wire or lifting/removing a pin, this can be done to most Sony batteries.

Also, a JigKick battery can be made with just software (Soft-mod) by using a program on a PSP with custom firmware. Or you can use a special pre-made Jigkick battery such as Datel’s.Battery Service Tool. Some batteries cannot be soft-modded by the PSP, and the newest PSP models (God of War edition and newer) cannot mod batteries in software. The Battery Service Tool, however, can be used on any Sony batter

A Magic Memory Stick refers to any memory stick that has been converted to boot and work with a JigKick Battery. Depending on the method of creation, a Magic Memory Stick can either downgrade or upgrade PSPs to 1.50 FW (Phat), upgrade any PSP to 3.71/3.80 M33, and their counterparts, or be able to launch suitable homebrew. The Memory Sticks can be made into Magic Memory Sticks only if they are Pro Duo, and less than or equal to 4 GB.

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