PlayStationPortable, PSP

What is a PSP Nand

What is NAND: NAND Flash architecture is one of two flash technologies (the other being NOR) used in memory cards such as the CompactFlash cards. It is also used in USB Flash drives, MP3 players, and provides the image storage for digital cameras. NAND is best suited to flash devices requiring high capacity data storage. NAND flash devices offer storage space up to 512-MB and offers faster erase, write, and read capabilities over NOR architecture.


What is a NAND in PSP: Basically NAND where the operating system, idstorage, IPL, system settings, all the important things like that are held. In other words like the “Windows/WINNT” directory in a windows operating system.

The official usage of NAND is to make the PSP run. The unofficial use of the NAND is to restore bricks, and recover IDStorage, if our IDStorage becomes corrupted.

The size of NAND on a PSP PHAT is 32 MB and of PSP SLIM is 64 MB(Almost double)

NAND on PSP in another word is flash0.

Note:  NAND is unique for a PSP and a PSP should never be restored from another PSP’s NAND

It’s a good practice to backup your PSP NAND and store it in a safe place as this would the life saver if the PSP is bricked


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