Frienship, Personal

Emotions at work

For most of us we develop good friendship with people mostly at work, given the rate of time one spend at work. We find people who just exactly sync with our “wavelength” and some dont even come near that. The ones who sync become a great friend. In case of SW industry, the above holds good. We interact with many people and only very few sync with our thinking. Eventually they become great friends.

So many factors one get into fight with friends (who at sometime become best friends) at work, namely, Project delivery (if in same team), different ideas of implementation. This leads to lots of problems like, namely  EGO, underestimating others capability, ill-talks.

In my opinion, these projects, delivery, project leaders, managers, CEO etc are for business. One soul purpose to make money. Cant blame them because thats what writes our paycheck every month 🙂

So guys please don’t let your emotions at work ruin your great friendship and please don’t judge one another at work or based on work they do. End of the day business is just to make money.

I feel there are lots of aspects at work (mainly pressure) which changes ones perspective on another.

Life is short and just don’t let all your emotions spoil friendship. You can find 1000 (just a number 🙂 ) friends but not everyone could become best friend of other. Its a special bonding! don’t let emotions at work ruin things. So guys be good out there.

Like Elbert Hubbard says, “Your friend is the person who knows all about you, and still likes you.”

To quote Abraham Lincoln here:  “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend”

Another thing with emotions at work is the fact that they get carried away with work even in personal life. If they are not given promotion, due pay hike they get easily spoil their life! People! Its just business. IF you are not recogonizied in a place, get moving. Dont let spoil your life & time for this. Its not worth it.

Lets all be good!