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How to use you MicroSDHC cards on Sandisk Express

I purchased a Sandisk Micro SDHC 4 GB card for my Sandisk Express player. Copying songs all went perfectly fine. when i inserted the MicroSDHC card on my Sandisk Express, the player recognized the card but it failed to detect the songs.

I read the posts on Sandisk forums and they mentioned that the new firmware supports SDHC card. I am on Sandisk Express player but it kept crashing constantly on formatting.

So this is how i got the Micro SDHC card work on my Sandisk Express player

1. Insert the MicroSDHC card to your PC using a cad reader
2. Start->Cmd->run (obviously on MS Windows)
3. Type the following command:
format Z: /FS:FAT
Where Z: is the drive in which the MicroSDHC card is inserted
4. This will take a while for formatting and after formatting you will be prompted regarding the Cluster size if the card is > 2GB. Type in “Y” and press enter
5. After format is done, copy the songs and its done!
6. Now insert the micro sdhc card on to your Sansa Express. First time it would take some time to populate the songs database. Voila!

I was using Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC card. Sansa express supports till 8GB. But be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the firmware.

happy listening!

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How to prolong your Laptop Battery

A Lithium-ion battery provides 300-500 discharge/charge cycles. The battery prefers a PARTIAL charge rather than a FULL Discharge. Because of this, frequent full discharges should be AVOIDED as much as possible because it will lessen the life of the battery.

If the laptop will use the main power always, the battery inside will only last for 1-2yrs.

Quick Tips:
1. Try to keep the laptop battery at 40% charge in lower temperature.
I’m sure all of you will laugh at this, put it in a refrigerator if not in use at 40% charge. This is effective, I already tried it.
2. CONSIDER removing the laptop battery when running on AC power. Problem: transient due to power outage at blackouts. Solution: Use UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply.

More than a year ago, I bought my Inspiron laptop, after 5-6months almost 18-20% of battery performance was decreased. When I read some research about  Lithium-ion ( I tried to follow the recommended levels. Surprisingly, it reduces the aging of my battery. After one year, still the battery is in good condition. Here’s the table they have published. A One-Year Performance Table.


40% charge


100% charge













This is all applicable to all Lithium-ion batteries.

I hope this helps!