Stressful lifestyles ‘wrecking sex lives’

Sex is considered to be a stress buster. But what happens when stress kills sex? It can take its toll on bedroom lives, suggests a new study.

Researchers have carried out the study and found that stressful lifestyles and poor diets are wrecking the sex lives of nearly 15 million Britons, leading British tabloid ‘The Sun’ has reported.

According to David Cherrie of Lactofree, which commissioned the research, “Bloating and feeling uncomfortable are common symptoms of digestive health problems.

“With the hectic lives we lead, many of us reach for convenient foods which we are often intolerant to, causing symptoms we’d rather live without.”

For their study, the researchers surveyed a number of British men and women.

A third of the respondents admitted they flopped in the bedroom because they were too tired or suffered tummy problems after eating unhealthy food at the wrong times. “And a quarter admitted their inability to make love had put
pressure on their relationships.”