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Windows Powershell

Windows Powershell is next generation alternative to the usual command prompt in windows. Powershell as the name implies, you can write a small one liners called “cmdlets” to execute complex tasks.IN the next few days i would be posting more information about Powershell.

Download Powershell from:


Vista “Run” commands

Some of useful “Run” commands for Windows Vista (All editions based..hopefully)


Help Pane : helppane
Color Management : colorcpl
Computer Management Launcher : CompMgmtLauncher
Control Panel : control
Credential Backup and Restore Wizard : credwiz
Defragment User Interface : dfrgui
Driver Package Installer : dpinst
DPI Scaling : dpiscaling
DVD Player : dvdplay
Display Adapter Troubleshooter : AdapterTroubleshooter
Authorization Manager : azman.msc
Bitlocker Wizard : bitlockerwizard
Event Viewer : eventvwr
Firewall Settings : FirewallSettings
Firewall Control Panel : FirewallControlPanel
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security : wf.msc
Problem Reports and Solutions : wercon
Windows Fax and Scan : wfs
Windows Image Acquisition – wiaacmgr
Windows Update Application Manager – wuapp
Windows Standalong Update Manager – wusa
Windows Shared Folder Management : fsmgmt.msc
Snipping Tool : snippingtool
Bitlocker Notifier : fvenotify
Fax Cover Sheet Editor : fxscover
iSCSI Initiator : iscsicpl
Iexpress : iexpress
Logoff from Vista : logoff
Language Pack Installer : lpksetup
Windows Mobility Center : mblctr
Microsoft Sync Center : mobsync
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool : msdt
Remote Assistance : msra
User Accounts : Netplwiz
ODBC Data Source Administrator : odbcad32
Optional Features Manager : optionalfeatures
People Near Me : p2phost
Performance Monitor : perfmon
Presentation Settings : presentationsettings
Printer Migration : PrintBrmUi
Encryption File System : rekeywiz
Windows Backup Utility : sdclt
Accesibility Settings : sethc
Windows Share Creation Wizard : shrpubw
Software Licensing/Windows Activation : slui
Sound Volume : sndvol
Sound Recorder : soundrecorder
Sticky Note : StikyNot
Digitizer Calibration Tool : tabcal
Trusted Platform Module : TpmInit
System Properties : SystemPropertiesAdvanced
System Properties (Hardware pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesHardware
System Properties (Computer Name pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesComputerName
System Properties (Performance pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesPerformance
System Properties (Protection pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesProtection
System Properties (Data Execution Prevention pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention
System Properties (Remote pre-selected) : SystemPropertiesRemote

IE8 Beta1

Just installed IE8 beta 1, WordPress doesnt show up! Good that MS has provided a button “Emulate IE7” to emulate IE7 in IE8. WordPress is back n my IE

Update: Uninstalled IE8 due to problem with webpages. Hope this ACID test wont make IE not render the normal webpages! Awaiting for official word!