How to install PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33-2 using DCV7

Small write up on how to install custom firmware using DCV7

for Pre-requisites please check my earlier post

1. Download DCv7 and Sony original 401 firmware

2. Extract the rar file and transfer the DC7 folder into /PSP/GAME folder on to your memory stick

3. copy the downloaded 401.PBP in to your memory stick root

4. Take a back up of your memory stick

5. On your PSP goto game and select Despertar del Cementerio v7.7

6. Follow the steps. Once the installation is complete press X

7. Insert the pandora battery on to your memory stick and press the key combination which you selected during installation of DC7

8. The Recovery console appears. You can install or test 4.01 M33 2


Official readme:

– A format flash function has been added which is usefull to correct problems in some psp that get an error when installing 4.01 M33, or to have a custom partitioning of the flash.

– An id storage tools function has been added. It allows to create a new id storage (including for first time, the regeneration of region and umd keys), change region (including umd region), or fix wlan mac address.


Best part of this release is you can restore idstorage at least 90% which is really cool for bricked PSP’s

Enjoy! and do this at your own risk 😉


How to install Custom firmware 4.01 M33-2 using DCv6

below is a small guide for noobs (like me) on how to install custom firmware 4.01 M33-2 on your PSP


1. Sony PSP Slim/Phat (i have tried only on slim)  with custom frimware 3.80 M33-5 (i have tried only in this firmware. Should work on older ones as well)

2. Memory Stick duo ~ 256MB (Original preferably)

3. Pandora battery. (Refer my earlier post)

4. Sony 4.0.1 Original firmware

Following are the steps to install

1. Download Despertar del Cementerio v6 (also called DCv6)

2. Download Sony Official PSP firmware V4.01

3. Connect your PSP to computer using USB (enable the USBMODE) or insert your memory stick duo to a card reader.

4. It is not necessary to format the memory sitck but its required to take backup of your gamesaves and your other precious things from memory stick before peforming the update 

5. Extract DCv6 to a folder and copy the DCv6 folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME folder.

6. Place the downloaded sony’s official firmware in root of the memory stick. This file should be named as “401.PBP”

7. Insert the memory stick back to your PSP and starrt your psp. Go to Games and you would see Despertar del Cementerio. Press X to start the application.

8. Then press “X” as it says to start the application.  This will extract the 4.01 firmware and make your meory stick as magic memory stick

9. After installation, it would ask you to select a key combination upon clicking while booting, PSP goes to recovery mode. In DCV5 it is “UP” arrow key on the D-pad. But in DVC6 you have the possibility to choose. I chose “L” key.

10. Once the installation is over, insert your Pandora battery and then Press the key you selected in my case “L” and then start the PSP console. It will now boot to the recovery console. You would see that the new DCV6 has a GUI and no more terminal like screen (Great work DA!)

11. You will have following options in the recovery menu:

   Install 4.01 M33, Install 4.01 OFW, NAND operations, Hardware Info, Test M33, Shutdown, Reboot Device

(Image is so not clear as it was take from my camera 🙂 since screenshot didnt work)

12. Best part of this release you can test the 4.01 M33 without installing it!

13. Before installation i would recommend you to perform a NAND backup as it would be helpful if you brick your PSP. The files will be stored in the mem stick and keep it safely in your pc/backup as this would your lifesaver (PSP saver :-)) when its bricked

14. To install 4.01M33, select “Install 4.01 M33” and press X on your PSP. Sitback and relax.

15. Once the installation is complete, press X to reboot your device.

16. Now your PSP has 4.01 M33-2 custom firmware!

17. You might want to rename your PSP of your choice, and have to enable ISO driver to play games from ISO as your old settings are overwritten with new firmware installation.

Install at your own risk and kindly read this twice to understand better on what to you would be doing. Have fun!

Note: Credit should goto DARK_ALEX for writing such a wonderful piece of sw and also this wil not work on new PSP with T-088 (3) mother boards as they are pandora proof.