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PSP TA-88V3 and custom firmwares

If your PSP comes with  firmware v 4.01 or higher chances are your PSP contains the TA-88V3 Motherboards. At the moment it is not possible to install custom firmware in these PSP’s .

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What is a PSP Nand

What is NAND: NAND Flash architecture is one of two flash technologies (the other being NOR) used in memory cards such as the CompactFlash cards. It is also used in USB Flash drives, MP3 players, and provides the image storage for digital cameras. NAND is best suited to flash devices requiring high capacity data storage. NAND flash devices offer storage space up to 512-MB and offers faster erase, write, and read capabilities over NOR architecture.


What is a NAND in PSP: Basically NAND where the operating system, idstorage, IPL, system settings, all the important things like that are held. In other words like the “Windows/WINNT” directory in a windows operating system.

The official usage of NAND is to make the PSP run. The unofficial use of the NAND is to restore bricks, and recover IDStorage, if our IDStorage becomes corrupted.

The size of NAND on a PSP PHAT is 32 MB and of PSP SLIM is 64 MB(Almost double)

NAND on PSP in another word is flash0.

Note:  NAND is unique for a PSP and a PSP should never be restored from another PSP’s NAND

It’s a good practice to backup your PSP NAND and store it in a safe place as this would the life saver if the PSP is bricked


How to install 5.00 M33-4 custom firmware

DA is back with 5.00 M33-4 custom firmware update.

Changes in 5.00 M33-4:
– Speed selected for umd/iso was not properly locked in some new games that used scePower_EBD177D6 instead of scePowerSetClockFrequency to change speed.
– UMD/ISO speed settings now apply to PSN games too.
– Fixed libupdown.prx connecting to instead of sony when npsignin_plugin checks for a new version and m33 update is enabled.
– Iso file descriptor was not closed in driver deletion
– Added a shutdown command to vshmenu.

If you already have 5.00 M33-4 custom firmware installed on your PSP you could either install via Network update using WiFi internet connection.If you don’t have a WiFi connection, you can download the update from here. Extract the files to your m0://PSP/Game folder and install using XMB menu

Credits goes to DA for his awesome work! Cheers

Note: IF you do not have any custom firmware installed on your PSP, read my previous posts on How-To install the same. Have fun!

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Notes on PSP Pandora installation

I just want to point out that the information on my blog about psp custom firmware installation are for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 series with TA-088v2. New PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 comes with TA-088v3 motherboards, As of this moment ,this motherboard is not hackable using Pandora. So first check the motherboard in your PSP before proceeding for installations.


What is a Pandora battery

Wondering what a Pandora battery for a PSP is for? Read on more.

Team C+D released the “Pandora’s Battery” which was the Prometheus Project everyone was waiting for. It converted a spare Memory Stick Pro Duo and battery into a “Magic Memory Stick” and “JigKick Battery”. Some people mistake Pandora’s Battery for the JigKick Battery, but Pandora’s Battery is both the Magic Memory Stick and the JigKick Battery. The Memory Stick and battery can then be used to downgrade any PSP of any version or to recover from a brick. A battery can be converted to JigKick via hardware or software methods (see below). To convert the Memory Stick, a PSP with custom firmware or a PC (with Memory Stick reader, or PSP connected via USB) can be used in conjunction with a Pandora’s Battery program, such Pandora Easy GUI. After the downgrade/unbrick service has been completed, the Memory Stick and battery can be restored for normal usage.

This is a battery with its serial changed to 0xFFFFFFFF. When a PSP battery serial number is changed to 0xFFFFFFFF, or unreadable, the PSP boots the IPL from sector 16 on the physical drive (the Magic Memory Stick). This unlocks the service mode of the PSP and launches the IPL from the Memory Stick (instead of from flash0). A regular battery can be made into a JigKick via hardware or software methods.

A JigKick battery can be Hard-modded by opening it up and either cutting a wire or lifting/removing a pin, this can be done to most Sony batteries.

Also, a JigKick battery can be made with just software (Soft-mod) by using a program on a PSP with custom firmware. Or you can use a special pre-made Jigkick battery such as Datel’s.Battery Service Tool. Some batteries cannot be soft-modded by the PSP, and the newest PSP models (God of War edition and newer) cannot mod batteries in software. The Battery Service Tool, however, can be used on any Sony batter

A Magic Memory Stick refers to any memory stick that has been converted to boot and work with a JigKick Battery. Depending on the method of creation, a Magic Memory Stick can either downgrade or upgrade PSPs to 1.50 FW (Phat), upgrade any PSP to 3.71/3.80 M33, and their counterparts, or be able to launch suitable homebrew. The Memory Sticks can be made into Magic Memory Sticks only if they are Pro Duo, and less than or equal to 4 GB.

More info @


How to install PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33-2 using DCV7

Small write up on how to install custom firmware using DCV7

for Pre-requisites please check my earlier post

1. Download DCv7 and Sony original 401 firmware

2. Extract the rar file and transfer the DC7 folder into /PSP/GAME folder on to your memory stick

3. copy the downloaded 401.PBP in to your memory stick root

4. Take a back up of your memory stick

5. On your PSP goto game and select Despertar del Cementerio v7.7

6. Follow the steps. Once the installation is complete press X

7. Insert the pandora battery on to your memory stick and press the key combination which you selected during installation of DC7

8. The Recovery console appears. You can install or test 4.01 M33 2


Official readme:

– A format flash function has been added which is usefull to correct problems in some psp that get an error when installing 4.01 M33, or to have a custom partitioning of the flash.

– An id storage tools function has been added. It allows to create a new id storage (including for first time, the regeneration of region and umd keys), change region (including umd region), or fix wlan mac address.


Best part of this release is you can restore idstorage at least 90% which is really cool for bricked PSP’s

Enjoy! and do this at your own risk 😉